The Blue Black Sea Congress (BBSC) aims to create an academic environment by gathering scholars who are working particularly on Black Sea Region in international context. Academicians and researchers from various backgrounds will have a chance to discuss their projects and studies and to exchange ideas while expanding their academic network. The Congress will primarily address ongoing conflicts in the Black Sea Region and will look for peaceful solutions. Academicians and researchers who are working on the Black Sea region are welcome to participate in the Congress.

Wider Black Sea Region is emerging as an important factor both in international and regional context. The Black Sea region, once on the periphery of European consciousness, has become the next frontier in transatlantic strategic thinking in terms of energy security, trade, migration and other key policy areas. In this volume leading international experts examine the new dynamics of the Black Sea region, including perspectives from the region, trans-regional issues such as energy security, cross-border conflicts, democracy, civil rights, the rule of law, and future relations with Russia, the EU, NATO and other key actors.

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