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The International congress on “Blue Black Sea” will be organized by Sakarya University, Department of International Relations at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences. The full title of International Congress is “Blue Black Sea: New Dimensions of Security, Energy, Environment, Economy, Strategy and Education”.

SAKARYA UNIVERSITY “BLUE BLACK SEA” CONGRESS will be held between 14 and 17 October, 2008 under the distinguished patronage of the Rector of Sakarya University, Professor Mehmet Durman.

The Main Aims and Contents of the Congress,
The aim of the Congress is to bring together experts and researchers of (primarily but not exclusively) the Black Sea regional states in order to analyze political, economic, social and cultural relations among the states of the Black Sea region.

In addition to the standard coastal states, other states that belong to the corridor carrying Caspian Energy sources to the west through the connection between Asia Europe (Albania, Serbia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan) are all considered as Black Sea states. In the contemporary world politics, Black Sea is a pivotal region for the global powers. Color revolutions are a case in point for they herald a new power struggle in the line of Baltic-Black Sea-Caspian Sea regions.
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Proposed sections:
The Place and Importance of The Black Sea for Global Peace and World Politics

The Black Sea Oriented International Foundations: Their aims, organs, and functions: Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC), NATO, OSCE, EU, UN

Important Deadlines and Dates...
Deadline for receipt of abstracts and more
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